Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ada likes sushi?

She does, as long as it is at Sushi Nabi with the sushi aficionados, Corey and Tobi Jo! Thanks for great times and introducing us to some great new rolls. You are gorgeous, my friend!
Yeah, we're Fatty Munchers. Immediately after all rolls had been devoured we started talking food. Local eateries. Chicken Picatta from Foodworks. Beignets from Blue Orleans. Pancakes from Aretha Frankenstien's. Supposedly Corey can make some blueberry pancakes that will make you slap your mama faster than the bb pancakes from Aretha's. It was spoken that Corey can just flat out cook. Evidently it runs in his family because both Corey and Tobi were talking about what an incredible cook Corey's mom is. Prior to this weekend's mountain bike race Corey requested his mom make the most dense, but delicious cookie she was capable of. Corey just happened to have a stash of the dense but delicious Wyoming Whoppers left in his car. Post dinner Corey came back from the parking lot with two giganto cookies that were absolutely incredible. I was thinking I could do a century if I had that kind of grub enticing me along. Of course, no comparison to chocolate gels, chicken broth or sport beans. Ha! Later that night midst a bloggin break I go check on Jimmy. "What are you eating?" I ask. Jimmy assures me, nothing. "What is in your mouth?... Wait a second, what is on your face?" This is what I find and nope that is not a fever blister......he ate the rest of the cookies. Fatty Muncher. BTW, I don't think Corey was hiding them in the car from Tobi, but the thought reminded me of Jimmy and Grandma's sugar cookies. In college Jimmy's Grandma would mail him her homemade sugar cookies. Jimmy would describe them with a drug metaphor, "They're just like cocaine to a cocaine addict". Anyway, he was always scared that I would eat them while he was gone to class so he would take them with him, large tupperware container and I was going to break into his college dorm room to eat cookies, that truthfully I am not very fond of. So the question still stands: Does Corey also have a cookie addiction and was he hiding the cookies from Tobi Jo?

Two random pics of Ada-luv from same day.Lastly, a new Ivey Handcrafted creation. I love it! Tobi, you never cease to amaze me. Pictures with the onesie model, to follow.


Emily said...

Fatty Munchers make me so happy. So do cute pictures of the Moncreif familly! Love the blog as always.

Ivey Handcrafted said... is true, Corey does have an addiction to cookies - you hit the nail on the head :)

Thanks for the blog - but thank you more for the fun night! And btw who wouldn't look gorgeous holding your daughter - man I love that little girl!!!

XOXO - lets do it again soon! And you are very welcome for the onesie! Can't wait to see pics on the model :)

Summer said...

I'm glad Jimmy and I have Fatty Munching in common. I cannot handle sweets in the house. I don't drink much, and I don't smoke. Oh, but I love sweets. JP had to take away the Easter candy his mom gave us because I was eating all of it. And it's like a dog eating off of a Thanksgiving table. I don't care, and I don't feel guilty. I just eat faster when I know he's about to catch me. :)

Jessica said...

I have leftover angel food cake, pound cake, coconut cake, and the best white chocolate chip cookies from the best bakery from the boothill of Missouri (Grandma's family's bakery) at my house from this weekend. And Michael is not a sweet eater. And I love it. Cookies for breakfast anyone?

Summer said...

Where is this bakery in MO? Sounds like my kind of place.

Brittany said...

Jessica, I think you just opened up an invitation for some visitors. Watch out Summer, Jimmy and I are on our way!

Tammy said...

It is amazing how quickly a baby's face can change. Ada looks different than last weeks pictures. Still adorable!

Brad & Shana said...

I'm up for meeting any time. I told Tammy, and Tamara of our talks and they both wanted to as well. Tamara is gone right now, on a quick spring break trip. And we will be out of town next weekend (tammy, tamara, me, jenny, etc...from church on a scrapbooking trip).

It's funny, I told Brad that I thought I saw Jimmy at Coolidge, but the baby that he had looked older than Ada would've been, and we were fairly far away, so I assumed I was would have been such a treat to see y'all out.

We love downtown.....and Would super love getting to hang out with ya'll. All that talk about food on this post really makes me want to meet & eat....How's your schedule?

Email us!


Natalie said...

You are making me! Where is this Sushi place? My fav food spots in Chattanooga are: Nicky's, Rembrandt's, Sticky Fingers, Aretha's and Foodworks.