Thursday, April 17, 2008

looks five, but he is only three

Our nephew Roman turned three last Friday. Isn't he cute? He typically smiles perpetually however in this this shot I actually caught him sitting still but not smiling. The boy loves him some fish. Fish-EE Fish-EE frequently exits his mouth. This is one of the fish he received for his birthday. Peyton Carli and Roman playing a Fish-ee game!Roman's mom is my sweet and beautiful sister, Shelby or Suzi (depending on which side of the Tennessee border you reside). They both currently live in Lexington, KY. It was so good to see them both this weekend. We always have a great time when we all get together. With similar personalities there is never a dull moment with Suzi or Roman around. This is Roman playing in the Construction site that his Aunt Jennifer (my other sweet and beautiful sister) made for him. Cute idea, huh? Walking around on tippy toes while barefoot is a subconscious, but hereditary trait in the Campbell Clan. My father, Papa Campbell started the strange involuntary trait. It is currently carried on by Suzi, Roman and myself. Strange habit? Perhaps? But it can potentially make for some nice calf muscles. Here is Roman caught in the act:Ada has been enjoying her phalanges for a while now, but this night her mouth and fingers were inseparable. I have always wanted her to be a thumb sucker like her cousin Peyton Carli, who has kicked the habit. Ada started in the womb and I believe she will continue out here. (I was a pacifier girl. What about you?)
Lastly, this one's for the fam. This is a picture of a family inside joke. Son of a.....Gun.

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Amy said...

You are not kidding when you say he looks five! He is so cute! Happy birthday Roman! I love the construction site!